Extraordinarily Brave Hong-hua Papa -Lin Xuan-Qi

“The example a leader can follow is to be in silence, like treesgrow silently and the Earth revolve soundlessly. Be aloof out of the world nomatter how high position and how wealthy you are. “ said by Hong-hua Papa withsimilar ideals and the same beliefs with Dynamic Life Energy Association.

Behind thescene, it is extraordinarily brave Hong-hua papa that plays an important role tosupport our team when Dynamic Life Energy Association attended the 2ndPanamericano Tai Chi Chuan Championship held in Trelew, which is in theprovince of Chubut of Argentina, from June 12 to June 14 in 2015 and sevenselected contestants had the honor to win eleven first winners, six secondwinners and one third winner in contest.

What can be seen apparently is the first Tai Chiclass was introduced in April 9 in 2011 and started to attend the firstcompetition in October 29 in the same year. In the following forty-threedomestic and international competitions in four years, our contestants gotbrilliant, including 615 plates, 771 awards and 948 certificates of merit. Whilewhat can not be seen is that we appreciate Hong-hua Papa, whose support isalways the same from first to last when we met with the common situation of coaches’leave from work, followed with the loss of the direction and the essenceresulted from the disputes out of conflicts and comparisons between victory anddefeat. 

Before Dynamic LifeEnergy Association first attended international Tai Chi competition, all thecontestants were shocked by the sudden leave from work. At that time, Hong-huaPapa gave each contestant a big hug and fruit desserts. That movement was like awarm power flowing through each of the contestants in the team. Meanwhile,Hong-hua Papa expected us to bring people internal peace through Tai Chi. ChangChing-Yun, who is the contestant from the Sixth Family of Hong-hua Youth CareCenter, won the first second place of prize for Dynamic Life Energy Association.Soon after our contestant won the first place in the Sports Meet Of The People,the first winner was criticized by slanders and false charges. Our dearest Papaled us to strive for the justice and got the fair back. On the eve of headingfor the competition held in Argentina, Tai Chi instructor suddenly lostcontact. As we felt distressed and disappointed, Hong-hua Papa plays mutualroles simultaneously. Then, he became a savior, an expert, a person of virtue,a supreme, a philosopher and a family during the hard time. Established byDynamic Life Energy Association, Spiritual Tai Chi seems like a Tai Chioriental Utopia, a global attraction to the whole world people. After TheArgentinian friends heard that the story of Hong-hua Papa, they burst intotears and arranged with us to visit Hong-hua Papa at the end of next year.

 During the time offour and half years, Dynamic Life Energy Association cultivates and nourishes233 talented contestants, participating in 1460 items of competitions andwinning excellent achievements. We all keep what Hong-hua Papa said in mind. “Don’tforget who you are while you are surrounded by cheers. The example a leader canfollow is to be in silence, like trees grow silently and the Earth revolvesoundlessly. Be aloof out of the world no matter how high position and howwealthy you are.” said by Hong-hua Papa.

Written by the General Secretary of Dynamic Life Energy Association

Chung, Ching-Fang2015/11/10



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